Monday, July 13, 2009

warning. Tangkan ari selatan......

Tabi menyadi pemacha semua,
Nyau udah datai ba maia ke diatu kitai bansa dayak patut ngelengka ke penemu ti udu bendar dekab ngelabuh ke pengan diri, begedi, dengki enggau kepapas. Tu nyau jeman ke udah kitai belajar ba maioh bengkah pekara ti udah nyadi ba pengidup kitai suah bendar tebunsa lalu tinggal ari urang endang ketegal kitai lalu enda ulih berakup enggau pangan diri. Nama kebuah tu tau bakanya? Nyangka kitai enggai mansik ke pun ketegal kitai enggai meda pangan diri. Uji serekun dalam ati diri empu ngambi ediau enda lama, ngiga nama kebuah pemingking meruan malut runding kitai. Nyelai amat ga, enti tak nadai kebuah pemiking ngagai bala diri empu patut ba ati kitai. Ukai ga baru enti kitai ninga bala tuai raban bansa kitai mai kitai bebaik enggau diri sama diri. Tang kitai baka ti ngaga diri enda mending. Umbas meh kitai besengki enggau pangan diri. Nadai hari pengawa kitai ngatur laya aja. majak tinggal enti penemu ti enda segempung dikembuan kitai. Aram . Bejalai sama singkang, duduk sama likang. Bekaling lalu betawing. Ingat meh. Sejarah udah madah ke pengeruntuh bansa bepun ari enda beserakup.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Kasih Tudah Kaban Kitai tu

R.I.P. Michael Jackson: The Greatest of All Time

It still has not hit me. It feels so strange. Michael Jackson is dead. He was only 50 years old, a milestone age. He just celebrated the 25th anniversary of "Thriller," the best-selling album of all time, and re-released it in February.He was scheduled to start his show run in London in a few weeks.
Maybe Michael's career had reached its peak, but I was not convinced that he was done with music. When he turned 50 last August, I did a series of interviews with radio stations. All of the DJs asked me if I thought Michael Jackson could make a comeback. They wanted to know if he could get past the controversies that dominated his news coverage over the last 10-plus years. My answer was a matter-of-fact "yes."
People often underestimate the power of music, and the effect that it has on us. We sometimes forget how a great song with a feel-good message lifts us up, and makes us smile and remember the place we had the most fun dancing to it and with whom.
Michael Jackson is one of the few artists in the history of the art form to be able to take one song, like "Billie Jean," and reach people of all age groups, races, and nationalities.
Michael has done this time and time again for decades, as both a solo artist and member of The Jackson 5.
This type of legacy cannot be erased by even the most horrible of charges and allegations. His music and performances are historic and forever engrained in our hearts.
Rick Sanchez, a floor manager at the popular Amoeba Music in Hollywood, says that his staff was "equally shocked" when they heard the news of Jackson's passing. "A lot of people are buying his music which usually happens in these situations," Sanchez says, referring to the breaking news of a musician's death.
Sanchez adds that all of Jackson's music always sells well at his location.
Rosemary Jean-Louis, a Michael Jackson fan and blogger from Atlanta, is nervous, hoping the news reports that Jackson has died are not true. "I don't want to believe it because it's Michael Jackson," Jean-Louis says. "He has been the guy considered invincible who always seems to come back. He is only 50. He was on the verge of such a big comeback with his concerts. No matter what he's gone through or what the crazy circumstances and dark period of his life with that poor trial-that taken aside-he is one of the musical geniuses of our times, truly the King of Pop."
I never learned to do his moonwalk dance move, but like everyone else, I was blown away when I saw him unveil it on Motown's famous 25th anniversary TV special in 1984.
I was too shy of a kid to get one of the red-and-black stripped jackets like the one he wore in the "Thriller" video, but I thought it was cool.
I did, however, have an afro Jheri curl in 1979, when Jackson released his album "Off the Wall," which included jams like "Don't Stop ‘til You Get Enough" and "Workin' Day and Night." I was 10, and whenever the high school girls on my block told me that I was cute and looked like Michael Jackson, I blushed and took it as a huge compliment.
My 6 1/2-year-old twins know and love his music as do the rest of us. This will never change.
I know he had been dealing with a lot these last few years. I hope that at the time of his passing he was in a happy place. Reportedly, he had been rehearsing in Los Angeles for the last two months, preparing for his London dates. His 50-year-old life may have been short, but it was impactful. His accomplishments are tremendous.
I offer my sincere condolences to his children, parents, siblings, and other family members, and to his friends and fans.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Minta ampun

Bala menyadi ti di dikerindu minta ampun laban lama enda betemu。

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anang minta anti urang, enti nuan enda kala nganti...

Anang minta anti urang, enti nuan enda kala nganti urang. Nya alai anti meh urang, enti nuan deka minta anti urang.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Selamat pagi di RaSA fm. Enti saritu nuan agi ngag...

Selamat pagi di RaSA fm. Enti saritu nuan agi ngaga pekara ti sebaka baka kemari, nuan tetap enda mindah mengkang baka ia ke lama.

Friday, March 13, 2009

saritu meh hari ti disebut kitai ba hari hari ti u...

saritu meh hari ti disebut kitai ba hari hari ti udah ngelama tu. Nya alai kena meh saritu enggau manah.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Semua peninga kitai ti semampai mendingka progrem kami nengah frekuensi FM89.5 Mghtz ngarapka kita semampai meri sukung enggau penemu ti tau ngangkat ke pemanah progrem bagi iban ba RaSA FM. Ba tu mega kami meri terima kasih laban sukung kita ngelama tu, manah bendar meri perangsang ngagai kami sebuat naka ulih ngeluarka progrem ti ukai semina ulih merindang kita semua, tang mai berita enggau penemu ti ulih dikunsi ke kitai dikena nambah ke penemu ba pekara ti nyadi ngelinggi kitai.

Nya alai ba blog tu, aku ngari ke kami sebuat kelebih agi Head of Service Mdm. Ruth Ampong ngarap ke komen tauka berita ti manah tau dikenatai ke kita ditu ke pelasar pemansang penemu enggau runding kitai ngangkat ke pemanah progrem radio kitai di menua tu.

Buah dikelala ari langgu, bansa dikelala ari jaku.

Terima kasih.

Edwin Nanggah
(Pengeluar Progrem Bagi Iban RaSA fm)